Comprehensive Services from a Trusted Stock Transfer Company

One of the most important decision you will make for your business is choosing who your stock transfer company will be. A trusted stock transfer company will provide the comprehensive services that ensure regulatory compliance and smooth transitions.

Establishing Trust

The right transfer company will make it easy to establish a trusting relationship. Trust is an absolute must. You must know that the company that you are considering has:

  • A history of providing great support
  • Offers the products and services that you need
  • Is an established firm
  • Offers 100% transparency

The historical behavior of a firm is a good indicator of what you can expect in the future. If a firm has a history of providing great support than you are very likely to get the same great support for your company. Of course, it is also critical that you choose a firm that offers all the products and services you need for compliance, reporting and more.

Established Firm

A trusted transfer company typically is one that has been established for enough years to have earned the trust of their client base. An established firm is a better choice if you want to ensure that you get the expert delivery of products and services.


Transparency is key when it comes to trusted services. There should be an open book policy so that you can easily assess how the work is being done for your firm and its shareholders. There should be a high degree of open communication. It is imperative that the transfer company puts the best interest of the shareholders and clients first and that they are willing to prove that by making themselves available to both. Colonial Stock Transfer fits the bill perfectly. They have been a trusted established company since 1987 and offer the products and services that publicly traded companies rely on.

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