Month: June 2014

How Much You Should Borrow on a Payday Loan

When you are borrowing money it can be extremely tempting to borrow as much as you possibly can. However, if you wind up taking too large of a loan, you may find out you are swimming in more debt than you are able to comfortably afford to pay back. Just because you...

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Don’t Focus on CPE Credits Only

Most CPAs feel that CPE takes too long and may start to get bored, especially after they have been working for a couple of decades. However, it is important to get your CPE if your state requires it. Most people believe they can take a couple of courses that provide...

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Learn about Free Accounting CPE

For those required to take their accounting CPE (continuing professional education), it may seem boring or difficult. However, you have so many available options, including in-person sessions, online and even free online CPE. Usually, free courses are not provided for...

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