5 Reasons You Should Have Renters Insurance

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Insurance

There are many reasons to have renters insurance in Naples Florida. Most people think that they do not need it, that all of the other insurance that they have covering them will be enough to cover anything that they need for their apartment. However, regular insurance policies often do not cover what you need in terms of your rental property. It is important to have renters insurance in Naples Florida in place before something happens and you are left paying for the bill yourself. Here are five reasons why you should have rental insurance in Naples Florida on your rental property.

Accidental Structural Damages

The first type of renters insurance in Naples Florida that you should consider is accidental structural damages insurance. While your landlord might have insurance to protect the hallway walls and the walls of the common area, they will not have insurance to cover the walls in your particular area. You will have to foot the bill if you cause an accident that harms the rental property. However, this type of insurance will be able to do it for you.

Temporary Housing

Renters insurance in Naples Florida will also be able to provide you with temporary housing while your rental property is being repaired because of an accident. You will have to live somewhere else while the repairs are being done and it can get expensive living at a hotel if there is nowhere else for you to go. Getting rental insurance will be able to get you out of this problem.

Protect Your Personal Belongings

Renters insurance will also be able to protect any of your personal belongings that got hurt in the fire or flood in your rental property. Most of us do not have the money on hand to replace the things that we have lost due to an accident and would be stuck having to either live without them or pay a lot of money in order to get them back. Renters insurance can make it easy to get all of your belongings back.

Visitor Injuries & Accidents

If someone is injured or in an accident at your apartment it could be up to you to pay for their medical bills; if the accident is bad enough you may also be stuck with a lawsuit and settlement fees that you have to pay. Renters insurance can help to protect you against financial loss if these circumstances happen to you.

Financial Future

Most people really cannot afford to not have renters insurance. It covers all of the things that were mentioned above, and most policies are only $15 to $30 a month. Many will also offer to give you discounts if you have safety features such as smoke alarms, burglary alarms, fire extinguishers and dead bolt locks.

Renters insurance Naples Florida is very important, as you have learned. Now, you should contact Your Florida Insurance Agency at 239.278.1700 to get your quote for renters insurance.

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