Common Tax Problems in Las Vegas

by | Aug 25, 2012 | Tax

Tax problems in Las Vegas are unfortunately quite a common occurrence. Coming into any kind of conflict with the IRS is no fun and is often a very stressful and intimidating experience. Even simply receiving a letter with the all too mighty IRS symbol on it is heart palpitating. However, knowing about the kinds of tax problems that you could encounter will help you identify them when they occur, know how to handle them and most importantly, know how to prevent them. Tax attorneys are best for these types of situations and are widely available. Let us look at common tax problems in Las Vegas.

Tax audits – the most common of tax problems in Las Vegas

Of all tax problems in Las Vegas, tax audits have to be the most common. A tax audit can either be relatively simple and quick with little effect on you, or it can be a nightmare. A tax audit involves a tax examiner inspecting your filed tax return line by line. If something seems even slightly out of place, they will request that you send them further documentation, will come visit you at your home or will request that you come into their offices with the required information.

Tax problems in Las Vegas – IRS levy

The IRS levy is one of the most terrible tax problems in Las Vegas you can encounter. This tax problem comes into play when you have back taxes owed to the IRS. An IRS levy pertains to the ability of the IRS to actually take the amount owed to them out of your account. If that money is there, they will take it. The levy can however only stand for one day. However, the IRS is also able to take the owed amount from your paycheck. This could result in an entire paycheck being taken by the IRS.

Tax lien – one of the common tax problems in Las Vegas

Tax lien is another of the tax problems in Las Vegas related to back taxes owed to the IRS. The tax lien shows that you owe back taxes and can be placed on any of your personal property including your home, real estate and business. This results in your inability to sell this property until you have paid back all your back taxes. A tax lien is highly inconvenient and will have an effect on your ability to apply for a loan in order to pay taxes back.
Tax lawyers and attorneys are highly beneficial should you come into any kind of problem involving tax. The average person does not know enough about tax in order to understand every tax problem that they could encounter. If ever you feel overwhelmed by a move made by the IRS, get in touch with a good lawyer to help you through any tax problems in Las Vegas.

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