Getting DWI Insurance in Seattle After a First DWI Conviction

by | May 2, 2014 | Insurance

Many motorists in the Puget Sound area who have been convicted of DUI wish that they had not committed the offense. A common task that is much more complicated after a DWI conviction is buying auto insurance. Unfortunately, many insurers refuse to accept motorists who have been convicted of DWI. Fortunately, there are insurers that are willing to cover those who have been convicted of driving under the influence. The folks at SAV-ON Insurance Agencies Seattle can help motorists get the DWI insurance that they need.

First of all, it is important to understand that some insurers will refuse to cover anyone with a recent DWI conviction. Secondly, some of those who are willing to provide coverage may charge very high monthly premiums. Premiums are going to be a lot higher for those with a recent conviction. That is why it will be necessary to get multiple car insurance quotes from various insurers to see what options will be available. Those with a single conviction will have an easier time getting coverage than those with multiple convictions.

The DUI conviction is not the only factor what will determine auto insurance premiums. Other factors that count include other traffic citations, at fault accidents, credit score, vehicle, and more. Different insurers will look at those other factors in different ways. Because of that, the cheapest insurance company for one driver may be different than the cheapest insurer for another motorist. It is important for motorists to try to keep a clean driving record in the future as much as possible. Although rates are going to be high with a DWI conviction, they can be even higher with additional points on the driving record.

After getting auto insurance, the insurer will submit a form SR-22 to the Washington state licensing agency. This is needed in order to show proof that the driver was successful in getting liability insurance. If the auto insurance lapses or is canceled, the state licensing agency will be notified within a short period of time. The SR-22 requirement is designed to ensure that motorists with serious traffic violations maintain liability insurance if they continue to drive. Visit website URL for more information.

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