How to Buy Ethereum in Tampa, FL: A First-timer’s Quick Guide

Ready to get in on the cryptocurrency game? Buying Ethereum in Tampa, FL is one way to do this, but many first-time investors aren’t sure how to purchase cryptocurrency. Here’s a quick overview to help one get started.

Choose a Cryptocurrency Platform

Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum can’t be bought from banks or online brokerages. To purchase Ethereum, one has to purchase from an exchange such as RockItCoin.

Fund the Account and Verify Identity

Once a platform has been chosen, one needs to fund their new account and confirm their identity. If cryptocurrency is bought online, funding the account is done using a bank account or debit card. When purchasing Ethereum from a crypto ATM, one can use cash.

When buying from an ATM, verifying identity only requires a cell phone number. There’s isn’t any other information one will need to provide to buy cryptocurrency in this manner.

Choose the Amount

Most people don’t buy an entire Ethereum. Instead, they buy a fraction of the cryptocurrency. Don’t worry about doing any math to figure out what to buy. Just put in the dollar amount wanted and the platform does all the calculations.

Storing the Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency isn’t like actual cash. It’s not something tangible and stored in a physical wallet. Instead, buyers will need to create a digital wallet to store their purchases.

Why Buy from an ATM

First-time buyers often prefer to buy from an ATM because the buying process is straightforward and easy. First-timers only need to follow the instructions online to make their purchase.

To buy Ethereum in Tampa, FL, visit the nearest RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM.

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