How to Choose a Wealth Manager for YOU

If you are in search of Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) this is the right article for you. Well, while
everyone dreams of big investments, it is great to appreciate that we are all experts in different fields.
Therefore, it is great to acknowledge that there are professionals who have excelled and capitalize on
managing your investments.

However, sometime it may be a hustle to get the right firm to advise you. This is even more complicated amid the emergence of mushrooming financial companies that are aggressively wooing clients to buy their services.

Tips and Strategies

It is therefore ideal to get a fee-only, RIA registered wealth management firms in Fullerton, where quality and efficiency are guaranteed. Fee-only wealth managers are registered investment advisors with a fiduciary responsibility to act in their clients’ best interest. They do not accept any fees or compensation based on product sales. Fee-only advisors have fewer inherent conflicts of interest, and they generally provide more comprehensive advice.Here are some of the top wealth management firms that you may want to consider to manage for you various wealth issues, from inheritance to personalized as well as joint wealth ventures.

The Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management

The Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management is a Private Firm with an AUM of $1 ,100bn.
The Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management features Merril Edge Self Directed
Investing, which it has tools such as those of research and intelligence. The tools assist you in confidently
pursuing your objectives.

The Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management also has The Merril Edge Advisory Center,
which has a team of financial advisors who assist you in analyzing your targets and raising financial
strategies based on common funds. They also guide you step by step, towards achieving your objectives.
The Merril Lynch Wealth Management — features an Advisor who customizes your strategy in a bid to help
you grow financially in line with your set objectives.

On the other hand, The Private Banking and Investment Group allows you to work with a private advisor, with
whom you can address various issues such as inheritance and investment needs through hi-tech investment
management approaches.

The US Trust gives you a golden opportunity to work with a committed US Trust Advisor. The Trust Advisor
will pull together a team of experts and specialists who will all work together towards addressing your wealth
management interests.

The Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

The Morgan Stanley Wealth Management boasts of an AUM of 967bn.

The services here include advice and guidance on Goal-Based Wealth Planning, which helps in defining your
targets in life as far as wealth matters are concerned. This will also come in handy in helping you to develop a
personalized wealth approach.

Investment Advice — this service helps you to go through the most complex cycles in the market.

The Long —Term Care AND Disability Insurance — This one is in acknowledgment the uncertain nature of the
future. It, therefore, features products that would address emergencies and unexpected occurrences that
would affect your future life. This is a sort of an assurance that your life would still run safely, even if
misfortunes strike deg those that would render you physically challenged.

Trust and Estate Planning — This helps in creating a continuous inheritance on your assets and values.

J. P. Morgan Private BANK

The J. P. Morgan Private bank has AUM OF $967bn

This is where digitalization meets wealth management. In this era of digitalization and use of IT tools in
matters of finance, fraudsters are having an easy time trying to hack into your financial systems. Well, the
good news is that The J. P. Morgan Private Bank has a range of wealth management services which are safe
and efficient. This is also in consideration that the world is slowly becoming a GI09bal village where things
will easily be run at the click of a button, and matters of wealth management are not an exception.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo prides on an AUM of $507bn

When it comes to matters Wealth Management, Wells Fargo has a wide variety of services to offer. These
include Wealth Services such as Private Banking, which is perfectly designed to internalize your financial
goals and assist in achieving them by engaging a pool of professionals.

The Abbot Downing service serves a collection of individual persons, foundations or relatives by assisting
them in developing legacies. This is not only a financial management service as it extends to social and
personal issues uniquely.

The well-polished team of Wells Fargo Advisors — readily provide services in the asset management a,
portfolio and investment sectors. Further, they offer other services such as monitoring and the very vital
retirement plan. This service guarantees you of personalized attention to meet your individual needs.

UBS Wealth Management

UBS Wealth Management boasts of an AUM of $506bn. It strives to lead you to a better future for your
business, family, and investments in line with the UBS Wealth Management Mission.

Whether as an individual or as a family, UBS has financial and wealth management advice, services and
solutions for you. It is especially great for people who want to create legacies in matters of wealth and

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab boasts of thriving in several sectors including mobile experience, support to customers, trust
and great products at reasonable fees.

At Charles Schwab, you will find a pool of financial advisors who are ready and willing to take you through
the best steps in matters of investment and wealth management, whether as a group or individually.

The Charles Schwab range of investment advice includes; Automated Investing — a 24/7 service that
connects you to investment professionals for services, Personal Planning and their new approach which
entails the use of online tools – Automated Investing. They also have Committed and Professionally Qualified
Investment Advisors.

A personal Wealth Management touch in Fullerton

There are also several smaller top quality wealth managers in Fullerton that can assist you if you want a more personal touch, including Walker Wealth Strategies founded by Craig Walker. This firm is a fee only wealth management firm that is very well respected and known in the Fullerton CA area.


There you are, whether you want to have your wealth management addressed as an individual or as a group,
the top Fullerton wealth managers are listed, and the list goes on and on.

The first step though is to acknowledge that you need these services in the first place. That you are not an
expert. More so to have the will and the zeal to get assistant.

The good news is that even if you have not set your wealth creation and management goals yet, there is a
pool of experts ready and willing, waiting eagerly to help you.

So brace yourself, armed with information and a strong will, from an idea, these experts are more than willing
and capable of helping you to create a legacy. For wealth management firms in Fullerton, top Fullerton wealth management companies and wealth management advisers Fullerton visit here!

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