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by | May 2, 2013 | Financial Services

To understand what and IRA is it helps to understand what it means. IRA stands for personal retirement account; this type of account has the ability to save you money via the tax advantages. This account can be an individualized account or a trust or a type of custodial account. The different types of IRA accounts range from traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, simple IRA and self-directed IRA. I will go over the differences between these different types of accounts. A traditional IRA allows contributions that are tax-deductible. Money is allowed to be deposited into this account before it is taxed; any money that is earned within this type of account will have no impact on tax. When money is contributed to an IRA and how it is contributed to it may be called nondeductible IRA or deductible IRA.

Roth IRAs are little different considering the contributions to the accounts are after-tax. The different transactions within the IRA Marysville CA will not have any kind of impact on taxes and you will be able to withdrawal monies from this account tax-free. If you work for a small business they might have it set up to where they can make a contribution to your IRA which is called a SEP IRA. This type of accounts is in your name and not in a pension fund that the company controls. If you choose to go with a simple IRA the company that you work for must make matching contributions to the amount that you put into this account. This type of account is a lot like a 401(k) with the only difference is that the contribution that the employer matches is much less than that of a 401(k).

If you are looking into a self-directed IRA this type of account allows the primary caretaker of the account to be able to make investments through this type of IRA. There are several different people who give IRA in Marysville CA area, before choosing a person to go with you want to do some research. You can normally find information on different types of people or businesses through major search engines. You should be able to find reviews also.

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