Options for Purchasing Ethereum in Atlanta

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Financial Services

Just like its big brother, Bitcoin, you have various options for purchasing Ethereum in Atlanta. If you aren’t familiar with Ethereum, it is a block chain solution that allows developers to build apps and contracts. The actual cryptocurrency associated with Ethereum is called Ether and it enables the block chain and all of its updates. If you’re looking to branch out beyond Bitcoin, Ethereum might be a great choice. We’ll share how to purchase it below.

Option One: Use an Exchange

One of the most popular options for buying Ether is through an online exchange. There are many that offer this ability, which relates to Ether being the second most stable, valued, and well-known cryptocurrency in the world. After you choose an exchange, you’ll want to register. This will involve providing a few personal details. After that’s done, you’ll provide a method of deposit. This might be your bank account, PayPal, or your debit card. At that point, you are free to begin purchasing Ethereum in Atlanta. It can take a bit of time to see the Ether in your account, depending on the exchange you choose.

Option Two: Use a Peer-to-Peer Network

If you prefer a more anonymous way of trading Ether, you could consider using a peer-to-peer exchange. There are various options, and each has a fee for purchase and selling so do a little research. You can exchange money with other people on the network, and in some cases can also send messages back and forth. In some cases, you can also set up a person to person meeting to trade cash for Ether. Some networks also have meetups where this can be facilitated.

Option Three: Use an Ethereum ATM

You may not know this but there are ATMs out there for cryptocurrency. There are many for Bitcoin, but Ether is also available in many locations. In some cases, there are limits on the size of transactions. You’ll need a wallet, but other than that, the process is fairly straightforward. You find an ATM, scan a QR code, insert cash or a card, and receive Ethereum. Sometimes the process can take a few minutes to go through, but at that point the Ether is in your wallet safe.

Finding Atlanta Ether ATMs

If you’re in Atlanta and want to purchase or sell Ether via ATM, RockItCoin makes the process a breeze. You just have to plug in your location to find an ATM. You can find out more or find your nearest ATM.

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