Sharing the Financial Burden with Litigation Funding

Litigation funding helps you fight harder and longer. Every attorney has that case that “got away”! Every attorney has been put in a position where they must decide whether they want to be able to fight a case that is groundbreaking but expensive. The fact is that the “easy” cases are not shaking up the legal world, they are cut and dry cases that have been tried a thousand times with mostly the same outcome. Those easy cases, are inexpensive cases, but frankly they are not very satisfying. It becomes almost like routine to take them to court. You go on auto pilot, then a case comes a long that is going to test the law, but you know from the onset that testing the law is an expensive process. Do you walk away and let the next firm take it on and assume the risk?

Sharing the Financial Burden

Whether you are part of a well-established firm or your firm is still in the fledgling stages, litigation funding can give you the power to take on those challenging, expensive cases without affecting how your firm does business. Raising the capital that you need to take on those cases that test the law that make the changes is a lot easier when you have an experienced funding source. You can:

  • Raise capital quickly
  • Stay focused on the case
  • Reduce the financial burden on the firm
  • Share some of the financial burden

It can be the one action that you take to tip the scales in your favor from the onset. Having the funding to take on the tough cases and can stay the course changes the whole game. The focus can be placed where it needs to be, instead of worrying about the cost to the firm. Learn more at Bentham IMF.

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