The Dangers of Driving Without Motor Insurance in Camp Hill, PA

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Insurance

Most people know that in order to drive a vehicle, the vehicle must have auto insurance. Each state has different requirements for auto insurance, but regardless of whether a person lives in Florida or Pennsylvania, automotive insurance is necessary. If a person is looking for Motor insurance in Camp Hill PA and that person is considering going without coverage because of cost, it’s important to understand some of the negative impacts of not having insurance.

From a legal standpoint, not having car insurance can be either a minor issue or significant issue. Typically, not having insurance will result in a citation. Not only will the citation have to be paid but in order for it to be cleared off of an individual’s driving record, proof of insurance will have to be provided when the citation is paid. If a person continues to drive without insurance, the citation costs can get higher and in some cases, those drivers can lose their license for extended periods of time.

The financial impacts of driving without Motor insurance in Camp Hill PA are much more dire. Many times, accidents can get rather expensive. Most people think about the cost of repairing the vehicles that have been involved in an accident. However, there are also potential medical expenses that will need to be paid as well. Unless a person has a large amount of discretionary income, being involved in an accident without insurance could leave them liable for large amounts of money that they simply don’t have on hand. In addition, if there are any legal issues stemming from the accident, this can also be difficult if not impossible for most people to afford.

The bottom line is that driving without insurance isn’t something that anyone should even consider. If you are considering this because the cost of insurance, you may want to speak with the experts at This insurance brokerage service can help you to find an affordable solution to car insurance. They can also help you with different suggestions to get you on a path to lowering the cost of your car insurance over time. Whether it’s comparing different companies, looking for discounts or long-term efforts such as changing your driving habits, there are ways to reduce insurance costs. It’s not worth risking driving without the right coverage.

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