Things to Consider When Buying Flood Insurance for Your Home

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Insurance

When it comes to flood insurance, Nocatee homeowners often wonder what to look for. With so many policies out there, finding one with the right provisions can sometimes be tricky. If you are looking for flood insurance in Nocatee, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Flood Zone and Risk

Before buying any policy, you should first know what flood zone your home is in. FEMA publishes flood zone maps, which may be available at your local real estate office or emergency management agency. You can use this map to determine what zone you are in and the level of insurance you might need.

Even if your home is not in a flood zone, you may still want to consider insurance if you are near a lake, river, or other water source. Since you are not in a flood zone, it will cost you less to purchase flood insurance.

Coverage Type and Amount

Be sure you know how much your flood insurance in Nocatee will cover. Many flood insurance policies only cover damage to a dwelling or contents but do not cover things such as debris removal and cleanup. So unless you plan to perform the cleanup yourself, you should make sure these things are included in your flood insurance policy.

Effective Date

There is typically a 30-day waiting period before a flood insurance policy will go into effect. This waiting period is designed to keep people from taking out a policy just before a major hurricane hits. Knowing what your effective date is could help you avoid making a claim only to find out it has been denied.

When buying flood insurance in Nocatee, residents should also choose the right agent. Here at Thompson Baker, we are a leading provider of flood insurance and invite you to contact us at 904-299-8471 to find out more.

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