Use a Salt Lake City UT Company to Hold a Virtual Shareholder Meeting

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Financial Services

If you’re operating a public company that needs to communicate with shareholders, it can be beneficial to perform this task by utilizing a Virtual Shareholder Meeting. Doing so provides an alternative to getting together physically, helping save attendees money as they won’t have to travel to a distant location.

Offering Convenience

Utilizing an experienced company that can help you set up a virtual shareholder meeting to communicate with shareholders offers a convenient way to inform investors about your financials and innovations. Allowing each shareholder to attend from the comfort of their home lets them become more informed while they or around familiar surroundings. It can also help them save money when they attend virtually as they won’t have to pay for plane fare, hotel and rental car.

Lower Costs for Your Company

Holding a traditional meeting that requires your visitors to meet in person can be expensive for your company. You’ll need to pay to rent a venue and cover catering costs. Utilizing a virtual shareholder meeting is a less expensive way to inform your investors about recent data. Taking advantage of this type of opportunity can help you cut expenses and boost your profits.

Using an Experienced Company

You probably understand how important it is to communicate with your investors. Using an experienced company that is experienced with this process is the best choice to make if you want to help ensure that your meeting is conducted correctly and inexpensively. If you’d like to learn more about utilizing this type of service, be sure to visit Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. at

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