Your Driving Record and Auto Insurance Saratoga NY

by | Jul 9, 2013 | Insurance

If you are currently driving without Auto Insurance Saratoga NY, you are breaking the law. The law requires you to insure your vehicle to insure your vehicle before you can drive legally. This may seem like an infringement on your rights, but think about what happens in case of an accident. You are left to pick up the costs of the other person’s vehicle and any medical expenses. Insurance is here to protect your future in these situations. Anyone who has Auto Insurance Saratoga NY must pay monthly premiums. Each customer pays a different amount based on several factors. One factor insurance providers use to decide your rates is your driving record.

The premium you pay on Auto Insurance Saratoga NY reflects what the company find in your driving record. As a general rule, they use the last three to five years to determine your risk. The reason the company wants to know these things is because a driver with multiple traffic citations and accidents have a greater chance of getting into an accident or being cited for speeding. The company gets your records from the Department of Motor Vehicles in your current state or from other states where you lived.

Many states give points for each traffic infraction or accident. The insurance company will use the points on your driving record to figure the rates you pay. To offer competitive rates, they will try to charge you the lowest rate possible without jeopardizing the liability of their business. These premiums may change whenever you get a citation. If your rates change, contact your provider. To find out what is on your driving record, you can contact your local DMV. Pay whatever citations haven’t been paid. Try not to get involved in traffic accidents. Ask if your provider offers accident forgiveness. Some providers may offer accident forgiveness discounts after you maintain clean record for a certain time. Take an advanced driving course to show the provider you are driver to be a safe driver again.

Your driving record determines much of your premiums so it pays to stay safe. Never take the risk of driving without car insurance.

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