Are You In Need Of IRS Representation? Call The Professionals At Wagner And Associates

Whether you’re an individual, a small business owner, or handle the financial end of things for a larger enterprise, there’s always the chance that things won’t go exactly as planned when it comes to tax season. Filing the proper paperwork can be confusing,particularly for those with little to no training in accounting and bookkeeping. With the number of people on the rise turning to computer programs rather than accountants to handle tax related errors, the IRS is seeing more and more red flags popping up on returns. Whether you’ve forgotten to file some appropriate paperwork with the IRS, incorrectly understood the instructions for filling out required forms, started up a business without paying the necessary taxes, or work for a corporation whose books have recently come under severe scrutiny, you’re likely to face an audit and even legal action. If you’re under a severe amount of stress due to your tax situation, you need the quality IRS Representation Wagner and Associates is able to easily bring to the table.

One of the most common legal difficulties individuals and businesses alike face when dealing with the IRS is the issue of back taxes. Perhaps, for one reason or another, you simply neglected to file taxes for a few years, or didn’t report income you didn’t feel it was necessary to tell the IRS about. Perhaps you received some bad financial advice that allowed you to take advantage of a loophole that wasn’t quite legal, or you didn’t pay taxes on certain things altogether. The consequences for not paying your taxes in a timely fashion are severe, and punishable by huge fines and even jail time. If you’re faced with the IRS demanding payment of back taxes and more, a skilled attorney can help you negotiate and come up with a settlement that will keep you out of jail, as well as help you avoid bankruptcy and financial ruin. When you’re in need of IRS Representation Wagner and Associates is always there and ready to take your calls. Whether you’re looking to avoid problems with the tax man, or need help rectifying a mistake that’s already made, solid advice and staunch representation is all it takes.

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