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by | Sep 4, 2014 | Accountants

Find the Perfect CPE Class

When you have to take a course for continuing CPA education, come to none other than the leader in the field – CPEThink.com. Our online courses are designed to suit your lifestyle, and are the most comprehensive classes you’ll find online today.

Designed and maintained by some of the top minds in the accounting industry, each CPE class comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee, which you have access to for 100 days. You may take several exams for just one affordable price, and the grading and certificate presentation actions are immediate. The courses may be saved and returned to as many times as you need, making it easy to move at your own pace and concentrate fully on each and every question.

Outstanding Customer Service

Although we are not teachers, and the courses are self managed, we take great pride in a high level of customer service. We understand the challenges of class learning on your own, and do all we can to support you the entire time. You’ve chosen a great career in a great field, and we are passionate about helping you keep up your skills and certification.

You can choose a CPE class from our wide variety of offerings, and browse by price, number of hours, authors, field of study and more. In addition to technical classes, you can learn about ethics and our various requirements. Also benefit from features such as webinars and select free courses.

Diverse Capabilities

Often, we are contacted by professionals looking to author a course they feel should be available to their colleagues. CPEThink.com is happy to provide a place for these people, and welcomes courses that you’ve developed, want to pilot or can review. It’s all about connecting the eager and motivated accounting professionals with the most reliable, up to date and useful information.

Concerned about various requirements for certification? Each CPE class is meant to fully meet NASBA/AICPA state standards, and ensure that you have the credentials you need. We don’t see much point in offering you a class if it doesn’t give you the momentum your career demands.

Get in Touch with CPEThink Today

Our response time is fast, whether you opt to call, send an email or chat online. Typically, we work to respond within the day, and as soon as we possibly can. It is our pleasure to offer you the right CPE class for your needs as an accounting professional, and we look forward to speaking with you!

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