Is a Home Equity Loan in Your Future?

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Financial Services

For those of you with children about to head off to the ivory halls of academia (college), then now may be a time of great nervousness, excitement, and anticipation.  In today’s job market, it may be a necessity for a young person to gain some sort of degree or certification to remain competitive.  It is safe to say that every parent would want what is best for their children’s future and would plan to make sure than not only the child but also the parent end up in comfortable situation both financially and emotionally.  Though higher education is, in some circumstances, a necessity and means to a better future, it can also be a very expensive entity.

Investing in the Future
An investment in your children can surely be called an investment in the future.  Part of that investment is, in a literal sense, financial.  The costs of raising a child and the especially high price of college tuition make having and raising a child an expensive task.  Individuals with good home equity and some financial resources set aside might look into other, unique options when looking to invest in your child’s education.  It has become increasingly popular (for those with the resources) to employ their home equity loan as means to pay for their children’s college education.  The reason for this trend is that while the cost of college tuition remains relatively high, the interest from your mortgage rates should be tax-deductible – thereby having the possibility of being cheaper than paying for an education on a traditional student loan.

Caution Ahead!
Though you can and should be proud of yourself for investing in your child’s future through the use of a home equity loan, it is not a decision to be made overnight.  It is advisable to contact a professional consultant to see if this is a realistic option for you and your family.  You do want to find a creative, more cost-efficient way to pay for your child’s education but at the same time, you want to be careful that you are not completely sacrificing your own future security.  You want to make sure that the payments and debt from the loan are not so much that it becomes impossible for you to retire or save money when you should no longer be working.  It isn’t always easy, however, to know if using a home equity loan in this capacity is the right thing for you and your family’s future.  If this is an option that you are considering then a meeting with a qualified consultant would be in your best interest.

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