The Role of the Fuselier Bail Bonding Company

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Most people understand the premise of someone accused of a crime making bail and getting out of jail. However, when the term bail bond is used, most people are quite unaware of what a bail bond actually is and why it is important.

The premise of people being charged with a crime receiving bail was initially established to give those people the opportunity to mount a defense for the crimes they have been accused of, outside of the confinement of a jail cell. However, the services of the Bail Bonding Company are a bit more complicated than simply helping a person charged with a crime to get out of jail by making bail.

Outside of allowing a person charged with a crime the opportunity to devote time to their defense, bail is used by the judicial system as an assurance that person will appear before the courts at their appointed time. Where a bail bond comes in is this is a percentage of the bail that is paid to the courts in order to allow a person to be released from jail pending their official court hearing.

The question that many people have is what happens if the person accused of the crime doesn’t appear before the courts at their appointed court date. This is commonly known as jumping bail and at that time, the bail bondsman is required to pat the court the entire amount of the bail.

For example, if bail is set at $10,000, the bail bond to the courts may only have been $1000. If that person does not show up at their appointed court date, the bail bondsman is required pay the court the entire $10,000 bail. For this reason, a bail bondsman in Oberlin Louisiana may be able to take the collateral that was put up by the friend or family member to pay the bond.

On top of that, the Bail Bonding Company can issue a bounty on that person so that they can be captured and returned to the court system that they failed to appear before. Once a person has been deemed guilty or innocent, the entire bail that was paid by the bail bondsman will be returned to them via the courts.

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